"Through vibrant colors and textures, I express myself without rules or hesitation. I approach the canvas with an idea in mind that gets spontaneous and emotional through the process.  I like to reinvent reality, to create a new vocabulary and produce abstract work in a way that always connects with the real world.

My journey as an artist consists of endless experimentation, which teaches me new ways and is filled with emotions and surprises.".

"Nice work! It is wonderfully refreshing to discover a new talent with a palette of vibrant colors so bold, spatial abstraction so thoughtfully conceptualized, congratulations."

Dr. Philip Eliasoph

Professor of Art History, Fairfield University

"I found myself visiting the exhibit every day to enjoy your paintings, so I decided I had to get one of your pieces to bring your colors back home with me."

Lisa Krissoff Boehm PH D.

Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences,

Manhattanville College, Purchase NY

"What a beautiful cohesive show! Great colors and themes and creative explorations. Congratulations on this beautiful work."

Leona Frank

Art Professor, Westport CT


Please check this interview, where I talk about my process and my journey as an artist.